To understand lighting control, we can break it down into ‘what’ and ‘how’. ‘What’ lighting control does is provide remote control of individual lights or groups of lights. This allows for whatever action you wish (on/off, dim up/down, fade out, etc.) to be triggered by a button push, voice command, programmed time event, or even something like a motion sensor. Need a couple of examples? How about when you push pause when you’re watching a movie and the lights automatically turn up so you can find your way to the popcorn? Or, when you get out of bed at night to get a drink and the LED strip along the bottom of the vanity gently rises to a soothing blue glow to light your way? See the Smart Lighting Essentials video below for more info. ‘How’ it works is somewhat dependant on your situation. In existing homes, we replace your existing switches with wireless-enabled switches that communicate with each other. In new construction, you may opt for a ‘Panelized’ solution which greatly reduces the number of switches necessary by replacing several with a single keypad. For more information, watch the ‘Demonstrating Control4 panelized Lighting’ video below.