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Audio Calibration We provide complete set-up and calibration of Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 audio systems using state of the art test gear. Through balancing, time alignment and equalization, your hardware and speakers will deliver every ounce of performance possible!

Central Vacuum Since their conception in early 1960’s, central vacuum systems have “sucked” plenty of attention toward a revolution to the vacuuming process.

We install the lastest vacuum systems that feature cutting-edge noise reduction technology, high-tech “smart” options, increased convenience, better performance, improved indoor air quality, and longer motor life.

Computer Networks In this day and age it’s important to stay connected. Whether it’s your home or office, Ambiance ACV has the expertise to install and configure various levels of networking.

Stay connected with family, friends, and co-workers through various combinations of networks. The power of computer networking allows you to communicate securely and efficiently to anyone in the world.

From a basic peer-to-peer network to a server based network, proper planning and installation are key to a well secured and efficiently operating system.

Conference Rooms Ambiance can design a conference room tailored to your specific requirements, whether it is for distance learning, remote conferencing, training employees or customers, regular business meetings, or other specific function. Ambiance is able to seamlessly integrate the various systems, from projectors to lighting to remote control of all these systems. We take into account the time sensitive nature of your project, and coordinate with other contractors.

Control Systems Ambiance has created state-of-the-art home and business automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control.

Ambiance offers a variety of touch-screen control systems. They allow unprecedented control over each subsystem. The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly home page that displays important information.

Multi-room climate control


Multi-room audio


Landscape irrigation

Home theater

Also, our touch panels display weather forecasts and conditions as well as other critical information.

Design/Consulting Effective systems integration require careful planning, layout, and design. Ambiance offers advanced system design services. From automation control of various subsystems to fully themed home theaters, Ambiance is here to design and execute your systems just the way you envision them to be.

Design services may include:

Extensive floor plan evaluation

Wire routing & cable schedules

Interconnectivity diagrams & schematics

Acoustics modeling

Project specifications

By using our design services, you will minimize the number of surprises during the construction phases and ensure the finished product will be just as you envisioned!

Distributed Video With the price of great TVs coming down we have more TVs in more places around the home. But what if you want more than basic cable for all those TVs?

It's now possible to distribute HD video from your cable box and Blue Ray/DVD player to all the rooms in your home using inexpensive Cat5 or Cat6 cable, or even wireless!

Green Systems Entertainment and convenience are not the only benefits to consider when planning an integrated system for your new home. There are many practical reasons to installing an integrated home system... one of them being energy management.

Ever surprised at how high the electricity bill is from month to month? Wish you could figure out what is causing the abnormally high consumption? Now you can with an energy management system.

An energy management system allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption of the air conditioner, the lights, electronics, and some large appliances giving you a detailed history as well as an accurate real time analysis so you know exactly what to expect the next time you get the bill in the mail. Not only is it neat to see exactly how much energy you are consuming, but it gives you the power to lower your utility bills by actively programming your home to behave according to your preferred budget.

Lighting Control We offer state-of-the-art lighting control systems specifically for homes and businesses.

Lighting control systems provide energy savings and peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication.

Our advanced lighting control system offers increased security by allowing you to setting up time-based schedules. Going away on vacation or leaving the office for an extended period of time? Then simply program certain lights to turn on and off at various times throughout the day and evening to make it look as though someone is home.

Media Rooms HDMI, 1080p, Plasma, LCD, 5.1 or 7.1, etc. Are these terms you should be familiar with? Not necessarily... but they are still each very important to the setup of today’s entertainment rooms.

That’s exactly why we are here to help. With technicians educated on the very latest in audio and video technology, Ambiance is well equipped to meet your Media Room needs.

Whether your looking for an aesthetic seamless install of a large LCD over the fireplace or simply wanting that perfect surround sound experience, Ambiance is the one to call. Television size, speaker setup, component capabilities, remote programming, and more are all taken into account to deliver the Media Room that will blow you away.

Phone Systems Telephones have come a long way since the days of Alex G. Bell. Although a typical land line telephone still operates essentially the way it has been for the last 100 years, the capabilities of professional phone systems is where the true advancement has taken place.

Whether you need a simple 6-room residential system or a complex 100+ station office system, Ambiance has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Phone systems offer many great features including multiple lines and extensions, individual voice mail boxes, custom programming, intercom, and much more.

Screening Rooms Experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art screening room — at an affordable price. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable.

The products that make up a screening room are experiencing price wars which has dramatically reduced the overall cost of our custom home theater packages, greatly benefiting our most valued customers.

We have designed a variety of different packages for almost every budget so even the entertainment enthusiasts can experience the thrill of a cutting-edge system.

Our top-of-the-line packages are designed for consumers seeking the ultimate dedicated screening room experience. Our engineers design, install, and program each theater system, making them capable of delivering a truly high quality viewing experience like no other.

Security Systems We are able to protect your most valuable assets, at home and at work, by equipping your home or office with a state-of-the-art security system. Our security systems are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety and convenience.

All installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in both fire and security.

Again, there is no need to juggle multiple contractors during the design and building phase. Security systems are just another area we specialize in, allowing you to rest easily knowing your family is safe and secure.

Structured Wiring When customers begin looking for a fully integrated home or business that includes a variety of subsystems, the process starts by designing a structured wiring infrastructure that allows each subsystem to inter-operate.

Our structured wiring packages are designed to bring together each subsystem into one fully automated system — while accommodating upgrades.

Customers have the ability to choose from stand-alone systems or pre-wiring packages.

Our pre-wiring packages are installed quickly and efficiently at a an affordable price. Prewiring a home or business allows customers to continually upgrade or add-on to the existing system.

Reduces pressure on buyer

Reduces future retrofit costs

Increases overall convenience

We keep a complete wiring diagram for each property, so we know exactly where each and every wire is located.

Surveillance Video If you’re curious about suspicious activity or would like the convenience and security of viewing who is at your front door, then a surveillance system is what you need.

There are plenty of options when it comes to cameras and DVR’s or Digital Video Recorders. When choosing cameras, it all depends on the application, if you want to see near or far, whether you prefer color or black & white, if you want them to be seen or installed covertly, and if the recording time is day / night or both. The wide selection of DVR’s range from basic 80G hard drives to fully programmable multi-gig networkable drives with DVD rewritable capabilities. Basically, your options are endless with a surveillance system.

Video Calibration Your great, new TV left the factory set-up for the Showroom, not your Living Room! In the Showroom the brightest picture is the most eye-catching, but the unfortunate result in your home setting is a picture that lacks contrast, accurate color balance, and substantially shorter lifespan.

Professional Calibration brings your picture up to industry standards, with realistic color balance and optimized contrast ratios which are ideal for the room the display is in.

Whole Home Audio Over the last several years, the demand has grown rapidly for multi-room audio in homes and businesses. Listen to different music in different rooms at different volumes all from one, easy to use system.

We are well equipped to offer multi-room audio packages designed to deliver crystal-clear sound throughout your entire home or office — at an exceptional value.

Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems. Controlling what plays over which speakers can be controlled from one user-friendly interface.

Now have jazz playing in the kitchen, classical in the dining room, easy listening on the back porch and oldies in the pool area. Your overall living experience can be enhanced by filling your home or office with your favorite sounds.

Window Treatments Motorized window treatments automate the control of natural light into your home. A central processor can lower shades at certain times of the day to provide privacy, help regulate the temperature, or protect your furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays. Curtains and shades can be automatically opened and closed from touch panels or keypads anywhere in your home.

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